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Featured Client: What About Bob Rice?

Robert Rice, WriterRobert Rice first caught our Review Board’s attention because of his eye for detail, especially when it comes to his settings. His writing style is rich and compelling; it’s no wonder he’s received so many offers of representation from great literary agents for his new project!

Congrats, Bob, for being our Featured Client!

ABOUT BOB: Robert Rice’s stories and poems have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous literary magazines, including Hayden’s Ferry, New Letters, The North American Review, The Saint Ann’s Review, Quiddity, and West Wind Review. He has also published three novels, including the highly acclaimed The Last Pendragon (Walker & Co.), Agent of Judgment (Forge), and The Nature of Midnight (Forge). He lives in Montana.

Robert’s Story:

I have been with Writer’s Relief for about two years as a Full Service client. I had been aware of their services for a year or two before that, but I’d been reluctant to surrender such a personal part of my life to a business I knew nothing about. Because of other demands on my time, though, I was simply not getting submissions out. My choice was to either write or submit.

The fact is, I love writing. I need writing. But I hate the business side of it—researching the markets, stamping, mailing, handling rejections—you know the drill. So whatever time I found for myself, I devoted to writing, and the stories piled up in the drawer.

Finally, in desperation, I turned to Writer’s Relief. It was the right decision. Ronnie, Jessica, and crew have a great instinct for finding the right markets for my stories, markets I might not have found on my own. During the two years I’ve been with them, they have, so far, found an agent for my novel From Every Bitter Thing and have found literary journals to publish all the stories I’ve written during this time—a success rate I hadn’t come close to matching when I was handling my own submissions.

Most importantly, they give me time to write. Writer’s Relief is a good name for these people—knowing they’re in my corner is an immense relief. They know what they’re doing. They’re professional. I recommend them highly.


And we recommend you too, Bob!

Writers: Check out Robert Rice:

2 Responses to Featured Client: What About Bob Rice?

  1. I read Bob Rice comments and high praise with interest but allow me to explain why. I was born in London English and now living in Spain. However, I spent most of my adult life before moving to Spain in Norway where I met my Japanese wife. A nine month journey in Japan was not only one of my greatest of journeys but life changing. We were based in Tokyo and journeyed 14 places North, East, South, and West. One place, in particular, was Sendai a truly wonderful experience. Returning home I decided to put my notes to a better use as I weave them into a story discovering enigmatic Japan from the eyes of someone who wishes to learn. I first wrote it as narrative travel in third person I have recently tried adding a story of fiction and now confused as to which road to take. I was told by a writer that my choice of none-fiction was good and should look for an agent who has contact with a sympathetic editor to guide me through it. Meanwhile, the of an 8.9 colossal and horrific Earthquake and Tsunami has engulfed a large portion of the east coast in one of Mother Nature wildest catastrophes and tells a story that man is not yet ready to comprehend. Thus I present myself in search of guidance to help choose the best way to craft my story of Japan. And my privilege to be alive is not without reason.
    Kind regards,

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