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28 Responses to List of Anthologies, Writing Contests, Writing Conferences, and More

  1. On the subject of contests, I’ve noticed that some websites specify “no cover note” is necessary for online submission. When a contest doesn’t specify, would you have a suggestion for which route to take? It really seems sending one could annoy them (with thousands of entries, possibly having to flip or scroll through hundreds of extra pages) as much as not sending one could make me look unprofessional.

    Then even with standard online submissions, I wonder about where to put the info? My cover letters are only a few sentences: please consider this (word count) and what grad school I went to. But for a contest, this info seems somehow even more obvious (here’s my entry) and less relevant than usual. In the past, for regular subs, I’ve both uploaded the letter as the first page of the .doc, or I’ve stuck an abbreviated version in the comments box that most online submission managers have (under upload file). And then I always wonder which would have been best.

    Anyway, happy Friday and thanks so much for your time! I hope this could be helpful to others as well.

  2. I am a fan of your website and have been reading it for years.
    Thank you for all the great information and I really appreciate the help I have received from you.

  3. I love this web site. I visit it regularly.I just found out a co-worker enjoys writing so I’ll be giving this site to him tomorrow. Writing to me is like therapy, but costs a lot less and considering there was a point and time I was in therapy. This makes me more honest. Thank you to all involved in this creation.

  4. I’ve been a subscriber to Writer’s Relief for several years and am delighted to see more and more writers discover it.
    Keep up good work, Ronnie, you are indeed generous with your efforts to help us writers find our niche.
    Thank you!!!

  5. Your site is like a cabinet filled to capacity with writing tools and references. If it were my cabinet, I’d be overwhelmed and seldom open it for fear of tumbling articles. But thanks to you, all is organized and at my disposal. It truly is a relief to access your site any time I need to find specific info.

  6. I loved reading articles and the details of where to submit. I was impressed. Many thanks,


  7. I know you’ve heard this before, and I say it out of sincerity–not originality–your newsletter is this ‘writer’s relief.’ I’m able to keep up with the news and latest opportunities and this feeds the goal setter in me. Thank you and keep up the hard work!

  8. Your e-newsletter is a real service to mankind and your information is always invaluable and timely–a bit America-centric, but hey, still greatly appreciated.

  9. Ronnie Smith, thank you very much for all your hard work on the Writer’s Relief newsletter. I look forward every month to all your practical helps and the many listings. It’s one of the best newsletters for writers. Thanks again.
    D.I. Telbat

  10. Since subscribing to Writer’s Relief, I’ve begun to increase my submissions. Thanks for the newsletter chocked full of writer’s stuff.

  11. I’ve read your poems Prasanna that I found on Poem Hunter and I must say they are certainly written from the heart. There wasn’t any contact information there, so I am leaving a message here. Hopefully you will see it and we can get in contact.


  12. thank you very much for the writers’relief and writers’ newsflash which i get every month.my two poems were selected for publication in an international anthology only because i got information about that from this newsletter.this is a great service to writers and poets.i have no words to express my thanks.

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