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Odds ‘N’ Ends: Each Other vs. One Another (And More)

If you’ve got problems with too, to, each other, one another, til, till, and et cetera, you’ve come to the right place! Find out how to use these difficult words correctly in your writing. The Writer’s Relief proofreaders show you how!

Too vs. To
Too is an adverb, with two different meanings:
• Excessive
Example: Don’t heap too much food on that paper plate.
• Also, in addition
Example: Your sister is coming too.
Example: Don’t forget to set her a place too.

To can be combined with a verb to create an infinitive (to + verb):
Example: I can’t wait to swim in the river.

To can also be a preposition.
Example: This road leads to my house.
Example: Don’t speak to your mother like that.

Each Other vs. One Another
Use each other when referring to two people. Use one another when referring to more than two people:
Example: The two friends embraced each other.
Example: The basketball team high-fived one another.

’Til vs. Till
Either of these substitutes for until is appropriate, as long as the punctuation is correct.
Example: I will wait till noon to call.
Example: I will wait ’til noon to call.

Et cetera
This is a Latin phrase meaning “and other things.”
When et cetera is abbreviated, it must be punctuated with a period at the end: etc. It’s used in informal or technical writing to suggest the logical continuation of a list of things.
Example: We’ll need to assemble nuts, bolts, tools, etc.

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Do not use etc. after and or to refer to people. Do not use it as a synonym for e.g. or et al.; and do not use it to vaguely refer to “other things” that are not clear to the reader. In creative writing, avoid the use of etc. altogether. Specify all the items in the list or use “and so on.”

We hope this clears up how to use too, to, each other, one another, til, till, and et ceteraREMEMBER TO CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF WRITING CONTESTS and ANTHOLOGIES! You won’t find a better list anywhere (AND IT’S FREE!) of upcoming anthologies, special-themed journals, and contests

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