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How To Land A Literary Agent

Are you looking for the best literary agent to represent your book manuscript or novel so you can get published? Are you researching the literary agencies most likely to enjoy your particular type of writing? If you’re wondering how to get published by landing a literary agent, look no further. Writer’s Relief has helped hundreds of writers (novelists) just like you reach the literary agents who are best-suited for their book manuscripts or book proposals. Our goal is to help you land a literary agent and get published.

Writer’s Relief is an author’s submission service, not a literary agency, publisher, or publicist. We prepare and target our clients’ submissions to the best-suited literary agents and editors. Working with us is like working with a team of industry-specific personal assistants who save you time and who know the strategies that work. In other words, we help our clients get literary agents and get published.

Writers face many hurdles and difficulties during the submission process. All the hours and hours it takes to prepare successful submissions can get very discouraging, especially for writers working alone. Here are just a few ways Writer’s Relief saves our clients from the burden of making submissions to literary agents:

Problem 1. “I’ve been spending endless hours researching via Web sites, directories of literary agents, and market books (like Writer’s Market and Guide to Literary Agents) to find listings of the best agents. It’s discouraging and it’s a headache, and I’m not getting the results I want. Plus, it seems like I have no time to write and work on my books anymore!”

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The Writer’s Relief solution: Our job is to save you time and stress. Our professional advice, research, and support can increase your acceptance rate. We prepare your query packets in the proper way and we target your submissions to the literary agents who will be most likely to appreciate your work—you just sit back and wait for the results to come in.

Problem 2. “How do I know if literary agent listings contain outdated contact information, especially if I’m looking for literary agencies on the Internet? I want to send my work to the right agents and be sure that I don’t get roped into a trick, scheme, or scam, but the information out there is unreliable and it wastes my time! Who can help me find a literary agent for my book?”

The Writer’s Relief solution: There are many online writers’ resources (and lists of literary agents) to help you land a literary agent, but many of them are out of date. Our database contains thousands of literary agents and agencies that are updated on a daily basis and are cross-checked through many sources. We carefully vet each agent or agency in our database, and we don’t submit to literary agents who are less than trustworthy. We’ve got our ear to the ground in the publishing industry at all times, and we help protect our clients from getting scammed. Also, we receive personal feedback on thousands of literary agent responses (rejections and acceptances) from our full client base—so we have detailed, personal information on literary agents and editors that you won’t find anywhere else!

Problem 3. “How do I write a query letter that gets a literary agent’s attention without looking like I’m trying too hard? Should I mention my self-published book in my query, or not? Should I mention if I’ve never been published? How do I write a ‘book blurb’ that will make agents pay attention to my novel?”

The Writer’s Relief solution: When you become a Full Service client of our submission services, we help you with the entire process of submitting your book or novel to literary agents. Our submission strategists will write an effective cover or query letter based on the strengths of your book. We KNOW what phrases, information, and organization works in cover and query letters to literary agents and editors. Our clients see results and are frequently asked by literary agencies for complete manuscripts for further review.

Problem 4. “I understand that I need to submit a lot of queries to literary agents before I should start expecting results. But it’s overwhelming. Once I start submitting, how do I keep track of all my submissions and responses? It’s such a pain and I’d rather be writing than doing paperwork!”

The Writer’s Relief solution: Let us do the tedious legwork for you. We have an effective system of targeting submissions and tracking literary agents’ responses. We help you develop a submission strategy that works. Please note that approximately 80% of writers who approach the Writer’s Relief Review Board are turned away. Our staff must feel confident in your book manuscript in order to ethically help you submit your writing to literary agents.

For pricing, packages, submission guidelines, and FAQs about Writer’s Relief, visit http://www.WritersRelief.com/.

If you’re interested in trying to get an agent without the advantage of professional assistance, here are some articles that may help:

Writer’s Relief was born with the intention of helping creative writers (poets, short story writers, novelists, and others) make well-prepared and well-targeted submissions to literary agents and editors. We’ve prepared query letters and query packets for thousands of writers seeking literary agents, and we can help you too. If you want to land a literary agent, you’ll need to use every tool available to beat the competition. We know we can help.

Take a moment to see how we can improve your submission strategy at www.WritersRelief.com.

4 Responses to How To Land A Literary Agent

  1. Hello there, My name is Vallarie Anderson. I have recently had my first book published in March of 2010 with Publish America. Also I have just sent in my second book, which is continued from the first. I also have about 15 more to write.
    Publish America does not help me promote my book. They send me things and tell me that i need to pay so much for them to get it on barnes and noble or amazon.com.
    I need an agent to help me get my name out in the world Book tours, book signings.
    Can you please help me out.

    Vallarie Anderson
    “Imaginary Romance” published
    “Tuff Love For Carrie” just turned in.

  2. I have written forty stories and in two volumes. Twenty stories in each book and is looking for a publisher or agent to represent me. Please let me know if you can assist me. Thank you!
    Ricardo Henry

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