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Start The New Year Write!

Writer’s Relief, an author’s submission service, believes that creative writing is most important during times of national and personal struggle. Because the arts and self-expression have a way of helping us to survive and thrive in difficult circumstances, creativity is extremely important for the country during this time. Writer’s Relief has created services to accommodate the economic challenges writers are facing in 2009. After all, the nation’s best writers—John Steinbeck, William Faulkner and Margaret Mitchell—all wrote their best works during the hardest of their own times.

“Because the new year is one of the best times to submit work to agents and editors, we encourage writers to submit their work in the first few weeks of January—it’s a new year and a great time to make a fresh new start!” says Ronnie L. Smith, President of Writer’s Relief.
Whether or not you utilize their services, Writer’s Relief encourages writers to WRITE.
They’ve created different levels of service (including a blog with hundreds of articles on grammar, usage and motivational tips that may very well become every writer’s best reference site).

Writer’s Relief is not alone in its quest to help writers in need meet their goals. In an effort to support all writers, Writer’s Relief encourages writing scholarships. Recently, a financially fit client offered a New Year Scholarship to help a talented writer prepare a full round of submissions. This donation, which was anonymously given, had profound impact on the receiver.

“The last few months have been very trying due to employment/financial difficulties. The generosity has enabled me to continue [writing] in that endeavor and, more importantly, was a very unexpected demonstration of human kindness from a stranger,” said the anonymous recipient. Because of one writer’s generosity, the recipient of the scholarship was able to enjoy all the services that the Writer’s Relief A La Carte Service has to offer.

Writer’s Relief offers services for writers in every income bracket. Simply register at the company’s Web site,, to receive their informative monthly Newsflash, sent via e-mail, which provides information on writing, proofreading, editing and publishing.

“I want to offer something to every writer. I love sharing the marketing tools we’ve learned since I started this company in 1994,” says Smith. “Regardless of the level of service, we can help every creative writer get his or her work into the right hands.”

Available to writers nationally and internationally, the services and benefits that Writer’s Relief supply are invaluable. They provide expert preparation of industry-standard cover/query letters, target work to the most appropriate markets, proofread with a keen eye, track every submission and help with handling rejection, as well as other services.

If you would like more information about Writer’s Relief, please contact Jon at (866) 405-3003 or e-mail at

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