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We Help You Submit Your Creative Writing

Writer’s Relief was started in 1994 to help creative writers make well-targeted, professional submissions to literary agents and editors. We are not a literary agency, publisher, publicist, or marketing company.

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Writer’s Relief Staff And Office

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Each Writer’s Relief staffer brings a special talent to the company. Some are currently or have been involved in publishing.

We all have one thing in common: we enjoy helping writers accomplish their goals. We’re writers, researchers, motivators, organizers, proofreaders, and savvy submission strategists.

The Story of Our Apostrophe (for all you grammar nerds)

Writer’s Relief started in 1994 when a friend of President Ronnie L. Smith asked for help submitting her poetry. Ronnie developed and implemented a successful submission strategy on her friend’s behalf. Writer’s Relief was born simply because one friend needed help from another, and although the business and client list have grown considerably, we continue to have close, personal relationships with all of our clients today.

We are called Writer’s Relief—as opposed to Writers’ Relief—because we believe in emphasizing close relationships with each and every one of our Full Service clients. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work for writers who need precision targeting and personalized attention to detail.

To ensure good relationships with our clients—and with the larger writing community—writers join our Full Service program by invitation only.

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We Keep You Organized and Save You Time

If a writer wants to submit one single story to 50 magazines, this is approximately how much time he or she might spend to do each task well:

  • Research 50 literary magazines: 600 minutes or more to pinpoint the 50 best-suited journals—and to eliminate the thousand+ journals that are not right for your submission
  • Writing a professional and strategic cover letter (not including research and learning the best format): 120 minutes
  • Proofreading and formatting your submission pages: 60 minutes (or more)
  • Individually generating each email or filling out online submission forms: 400 minutes (8 minutes per letter/form allowing for time-eating mistakes, slow uploads, website crashes, etc.)
  • Developing a rudimentary system to track submissions and responses: 60 minutes
  • Maintaining your digital tracking system to track comments, etc.: 60 minutes


TOTAL TIME SAVINGS: 1,300 minutes (or 21.6 hours)

But even if you have plenty of time to make submissions, the added benefit of working with Writer’s Relief is our decades of experience in helping writers get published. Our insider knowledge of the publishing industry is priceless!

P.S. Want to save the maximum amount of time? If you’re invited to join our ELITE submission management program, we’ll handle your entire submission process from A – Z! Contact a submission strategist today to talk about how we can personalize your submission system and increase the possibility of successful publication (and make more time for you to write!).

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