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About Writer’s Relief Proofreaders

Writer’s Relief is committed to making sure our Full Service clients’ submissions are in exemplary shape. We format our clients’ books, novels, short stories, essays, and poems to industry standards, and we proofread all work that is included in submission packets. We prepare a clean master copy of our clients’ work for submission (saving them the time it takes to enter corrections on their own), and our clients always have final say over our proofreaders’ suggestions.

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At Writer’s Relief we are very selective about our proofreaders. Proofreading is about much more than knowing the fundamentals of grammar and usage. Proofreaders must have exceptional abilities in concentration and mental stamina. Like pairings of agents and writers (or editors and writers), proofreaders must have good “chemistry” with our clients.

Many professional and truly talented proofreaders apply to work with us every year, but we look for proofreaders who are able to walk the fine line between adhering to industry standards and allowing for creative interpretations of grammar and usage rules. A proofreader who is strong in the medical writing field may not be a good proofreader for poetry, and vice versa.

For that reason, only the top two percent of applicants are offered employment proofreading for us. (If you’ve been in the writing world for a while, you know that our acceptance rate is consistent with publishing industry averages.) Our goal is to make sure our clients’ submissions are competitive, and to do that, we can only accept those proofreaders who best fit our clients’ creative writing needs.

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